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Worst Road Trip Ever : STORY TIME

30:00 |   Story Time  |  07/22/2020

This was one of the first story times I wanted to do on this channel ...I just didnt want stir anything up. This guy was one of my closest friends and he tried to play me on a business deal, it shouldnt of ended the friendship but I couldnt trust him anymore....I still love this dude , one of the most fun people Ive ever met and I still smile when I think about the fun stuff we did, but I just cant have him in my life anymore. Now that Im going to open up this chapter in my life , get ready for some wild nights .... some of the most insane moments in my life were with him ....he made strip clubs another world...I dont understand how he would convince these strippers to leave with him but he ALWAYS was pretty amazing to watch. Damn I do miss hanging out with that dude though.

SOOOO on to this story .... I felt like I was a little kid and I was being dragged from place to place , I wish I never got in the car....there were some fun points...but 90% was stressful and annoying!
Ive only heard of credit card scammers.....but it wasnt until this trip that I witnessed it actually be real ...I am not cut out for that world ...pimps and thank you .... I just wanna watch The Office and smoke weed.

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