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How To Make WEED Brownies : LEVO

10:28   |   Review  |  04/15/2020

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This is How To Make WEED Brownies : LEVO

A few weeks ago I was introduced to the Levo Oil far the coolest thing for edibles ever...its like an easy bake over for adults ahahahha.
Ive never made my own edibles before...Ive always gotten them from friends or the dispensary...I just didnt know how to infuse it....I also didnt want to mess up and lose a quarter in the process ahahah.

This was super easy to use....just takes time , a few button pushes and some cooking.....I cant wait to put this to use ...medicated quarantine dinners sounds awesome !!!

This is the first of many cooking episodes on the way , please leave your suggestions in the comments...what should we make next?

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