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We Got A Warehouse !!!

24:06 |   Vlog  |  10/01/2020

This is the Push Trees headquarters .... The adventures of Yola & Dope As Yola filming locations and the Dope As Usual podcast set will be built here!!! I cant thank you guys enough for your constant support, YOU make this possible....we now have a work space to be productive in ....I CANT WAIT Rosie and I have packed and shipped EVERY SINGLE Push Trees order from home....our living room has been our work space since we have a 3,000 st warehouse.....STOKED!!! This will NOT be open to the public , no retail or anything....soon we will get a store front I promise you , we are close to the Burbank airport so my bad if you hear some planes in the future videos ahahaha! THANK YOU FOR MAKING ALL OF THIS POSSIBLE , I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

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