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Testing the Stiiizy WEED line

13:31   |   Review   |  03/19/2020

Huge shoutout to Stiiizy for asking me to review their new strains.....literally the best job on the planet!!! Let me start by shocked on how we'll grown these strains were...when you get as big as Stiiizy quality always starts to lack to keep up with production....but they really got it dialed mold...not crunchy and smelled amazing still....hats off to you guys! I love OG guys know that.....but that damn Rosay was stuuuuuuupid fire....that smell could wake up UFC fighters hahahahah.... The pre rolls are still insanely good....Ive only had 3 pre rolls in my life that I actually like....these were 1 of em by far....straight white ash! Thank you guys for watching Testing the Stiiizy WEED line

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