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Quitting Sports : STORY TIME

28:05 |   Story Time  |  06/08/2020

So ...let me start by saying , I ALWAYS HAD A GOOD REASON TO wasnt out of laziness ahahaha...I still regret quitting football, but it had to be done. first sport, I loved it! For a fat kid I was super quick and was a forward, fun times forsure ! Karate was allll Bruce Lee influenced ....if it wasnt for him I wouldnt of even cared....seeing him round house people to sleep...what kid wouldnt want to take karate after that ??? As for the rest...I dont wanna ruin it...sit back and get ready to watch Quitting Sports : STORY TIME Once again thank you to everyone that supported and got a Push Trees Bong, SOLD OUT IN 90 MINUTES....THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!

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