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Working As A Mover : STORY TIME

From rich scary dudes with guns to women leaving their husbands on their lunch break...Ive seen some wild stuff being a mover.

(intended for the 18 & over)

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This is Working As A Mover : STORY TIME

You guys have asked for this STORY TIME for months...Im sorry it took so long! I worked as a mover on and off for about 10 years...its hard work but Id rather do that than sit in an office. My entire family owns moving businesses and does trucking ...thats prolly why Ive always worked so damn hard.

My first time moving I was 12 or 13...I didn't realize how hard it would be....but Ill say this...if you can make it 1 week working everyday then you are fine...first week is the hardest!!!

I've seen some INSANE things on moves ...and some pretty gross stuff ahahaha...but its bound to happen when you are literally walking into a strangers house.

I don't want to talk about the stories at all....I want you guys to go in with no prior knowledge of these's gunna be fun ....LONGEST STORY TIME EVER

Thank you guys so much for supporting and watching forreal !!!!

Thanks for watching Working As A Mover : STORY TIME

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