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Whats In The Bag ? : True Classic OG

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Prolly the best OG on the market, I LOVE IT !!!

(intended for the 18 & over)

You guys constantly ask for this series so here you go...another installment is here! This has to be one of my favorite videos to do...breaking down weed and trying it out...whats not to love???

So in 2016 when I moved to LA I was introduced to the True 2018 it disappeared...I literally couldn't find it's all I smoke and its gone...I was soo bummed. So thats when I started smoking the Venom....but only because the TRUE was gone.

Around a month or so ago my homie OGEE told me there was a brand called True Classic and they were growing the True...of course it could of just been the name so I had to try it for was the real one...I could tell right away. So we got in contact with the owners and turns out its THE SAME GROWER FROM BEFORE!!!! So you know I was STOKED, I'm so stoked to see its a legal brand now...I'll never go without it now :)

Thank you guys so much for watching forreal, I really appreciate it !!!

This has been Whats In The Bag ? : True Classic OG

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