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Welcome To The New Wave Of Content

Whats up guys , my name is Dope As Yola and I basically smoke weed for a living. I started in 2012 and this is only the beginning! Prior to 2012 I sold massive amounts of weed....I sold my first sack at lunch time in the 10th grade and never looked back. After high school I did the regular ole college try..but it truly wasnt for me....while in college I delivered pizza as a cover so I could sell weed and drive around town unbothered....who pulls over a pizza guy ahahahah?

So this brings us back to 2012.... by that time I had quit the pizza job ...then I got my first smart phone and downloaded Instagram. Once I realized I loved taking pictures I knew my weed selling days were coming to voluntary end...I cant post pictures of packs while selling packs...thats just asking for jail I quit....then immediately went broke ahahhah. I loved taking pictures on creating content...but weed pays the I got another job to sustain my life while devoting all my free time to content...I did this for years until we started our brand PUSH TREES....then I quit my job and went full time on the content.

That brings me to 2016...thats when my girlfriend and I moved from Merced to Los Angeles. In these past 5 years we have worked non stop building our brand and pumping out content...we now have a warehouse for Push Trees and Dope As Yola videos ...also our latest venture has been with Marty of Drastic Graphics on the Dope As Usual podcast. Im so stoked to say we are now streaming on all platforms and doing great! I never thought Id be talking on camera for a living but here we a shy ass fat kid growing up to talking on camera...still blows my mind.

Thank you all so much for coming along on this wild adventure so far.....and like I said we are just starting...much more to come!!!

Thank you for becoming a site member, HAVE A DOPE ASS DAY

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