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We Got Our Own Warehouse!!!

It actually happened...thank you so much for supporting us !!!

(intended for all ages)

Be sure to checkout www.Push for all Push Trees merch !!!

You are now watching We Got Our Own Warehouse!!!

Since 2013 Rosie and I have been doing all orders from home...our house is constantly filled up...we have never had a dining table ahahaha. Its basically 90% work space ...10% living space but we had to. do it to make it work. Now thats all over...we just got a 3,000 sq foot warehouse/office....more than enough room for everything we need to do...PUSH TREES HAS ITS OWN SHIPPING HUB NOW....ITS 1000% EASIER TO SHIP NOW!!!

This is the day we finally turned into a real business...I couldn't be happier!!!

THANK YOU for making this possible, every view, every order makes this real....THANK YOU!!!

More videos on the way...I cant wait for you guys to see what we have planned for the podcast set :)

Thanks again for watching We Got Our Own Warehouse!!!


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