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The Perfect Dab : Temp Timer

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We have all burned out throats off with HOT dabs.... but never again with this device!!!

www.DopeAsYola .com for more info (cannot leave links on YouTube)

About a year ago my friends introduced me to temperature guns...but who really wants to hold one on your nail until its one. So when the Terp Timer came around I was 100% for just makes dabbing easier!

If you are a regular dabber you know the pain of a hot dab.... it can ruin a smoke session. I used to do the ole wrist test...if it burns your wrist when you get close to it its still too hot.....what a lame way of dabbing hahahahah.

This is the first homie/smoke session video I have done in so long...I hope you guys like it.

Thanks so much for watching The Perfect Dab : Temp Timer

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