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The Cops Couldn’t Stop Us!!!!!


Dallas Texas, non stop police harassment...but 1,500 people came out to show support...what a DOPE ASS DAY!!!!!

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This is part 1 of the Texas Takeover.....first stop was Fonrey (outside of Dallas) ....small town like Merced....perfect. When we do meet n greets in small areas the whole town stops and looks, its pretty hilarious.

THE COPS WOULD NOT STOP TRYING TO SHUT US DOWN!!! They tried getting my ID and questioning me....while I was signing autographs!!!

I didnt know us smiling, laughing and having fun was so disruptive ahahahah. I LOVE YOU ALL FOR SHOWING UP.....THE HOUSTON MEET N GREET DROPS IN 2 DAYS!!!!

Thank you for watching The Cops Couldn’t Stop Us!!!!!

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