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The BIGGEST Drop Yet?!?!


Our 1st subscription box was such a success that we needed to crush it for this one...hope you guys love it!!!!

IG :

First off thank you all for the support over this past year...The Dopest Shop turns 1 year old on Dec 17th....truly cant believe the year we have had!!!

We cant thank you all enough...its allowed us to do my first ever meet n greet tour, giving away PS5's, X Boxes, trips to Vegas....we just want to do something that says thank you. The meet n greet tour started In LA, then Chicago/Indiana, then New York, Miami and we finish off in Houston in January....NONE of this is possible without the support from you all.....from John, Claudio and everyone on the team, THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!

Thank you for watching The BIGGEST Drop Yet?!?!

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