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The Atmosphere Episode


Nearly 25 years in and Atmosphere is still putting out amazing albums for their cult like following...we are honored to be able to have Slug & Ant on the show.....truly Dope As Usual!!!

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Atmosphere IG :

IG :


Check out Atmosphere new songs off their upcoming album - Bigger Picture, Holding My Breath & Okay!

Their new album "So Many Other Realities Exist Simultaneously" drops on 5/5/23

Thomas' Take...

OK.....let me start by saying, Im so proud of myself for not fan girling out ahahahaha. You guys know Slug is my ALL TIME FAVORITE RAPPER....Atmosphere is also one of my favorite groups ever. Ive known about this episode since mid October and Ive been soooooo stoked everyday since about it.

The first time I listened to them was my 2nd day on my own at 18. I put on God Loves Ugly and within 2 minutes I was a fan.....2 hours later I was a fan for life. These songs have been in my head since 18, something about their music just resonates with me. I spent years in the pizza car droppin pizza n sacks bumpin Atmosphere....never in my life would I think Id get the opportunity to sit down and have a real lie this was my favorite episode ever...I still cant believe it!

"Now all my friends are famous, either one thing or another" that Atmosphere line always stuck with we are 14 years later interviewing my is unreal!

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