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My First Podcast Appearance

I'm so stoked guys!!! My first time ever going on a podcast and it so fun!!!

(intended for the 18 & over)

The Honey Dew Podcast :

Josh Wolf High Live :

The Dope As Usual Podcast :

Please checkout those episodes and drop a comment, lemme know you came from this video, I APPRECIATE YOU GUYS !!!!!

You guys know how much I want to get into stand up comedy, I feel like podcasting will be great practice for me, I'm just some dude that used to be a drug dealer, I only started talking on camera in 2018, trust me guys I'm not a pro at this, but I AM always trying to improve.

The Ryan Sickler Honey Dew was so fun, I was surprised I talked about some of that stuff, some of those topics were not planned, when a conversation is just flowing it's so much better, my first podcast and I loved it. I was nervous kinda, but as soon as I started talking I felt like I was in the Story Time room.....STOKED!!!! Be sure to click the link above and watch that episode.

The High Live with Josh Wolf....I haven't hung out and smoked outside like that in a long time. That was my first time meeting him but he felt like a friend I had known for years. Seriously a dope ass dude.....and sooo down for mushrooms ahahaahahaha. I couldn't believe how much he was eating...what a BEAST!!! Can't wait to smoke it up again with him, such a funny guy. It's cool to see comedians not on stage, they are just naturally funny people!

The warehouse......It's finally here guys !!!!! The Dope As Usual Podcast will be here the end of September of first week of October...we got it lockd in , just have to build the set and we are ready to go..... click this link to follow our official Youtube channel & official IG ....I APPRECIATE YOU GUYS !!!

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Thank you so much for watching My First Podcast Appearance

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