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Matt Barnes Talks Kobe, 30 Blunts a Day & More


From the court to the mic, how Matt Barnes transitioned from an NBA champion to one of the top host in Sports Media!!!

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Matt Barnes:

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Thomas' Take...

This episode is one Marty and I have been talking about for a while, this is too epic!

Matt Barnes is someone that has continued to level up even after his sports career had came to an end. On top of that All The Smoke has proven itself to be somewhat of a blue print to successful sports talk shows. that I said all my professional sounding stuff lets talk.....dude Ive been a fan of this man since I was he was a King. I grew up in Merced so most of my homies were Kings fans too. Then a few years later we ended up smokin at an event in SF. So going into this interview I already knew he was a chill guy so I was stoked. Thank you guys for supporting the show, appreciate you watching :)

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