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Lil Duval Challenges Yola to Smokeout


Lil Duval talks his near death experience, flying planes and trippin out!!!

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Thomas' Take...

I'm personally super stoked to have Lil Duval on the show, this dude is hilarious and brought a great vibe to the studio. One other thing I noticed.....this man is READY TO SMOKE!!!!!!

From the second he sat down it was go time, he broke down the full details of his near death experience (it was way more severe than I thought it was) ... truly almost passed away. 6 short months later he's back on his feet doing a live comedy and keep it pushin seems to be his philosophy .....thank you all for watching :)

Thank you for watching Lil Duval Challenges Yola to a Smokeout | Hosted by Dope as Yola & Marty

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