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LaRussell Talks Aliens, Rolling Stone & Going Viral


From Vallejo to the world… LaRussel walks us through his recent success, family life & upcoming projects!

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LaRussell :

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Thomas' Take...

About 2 years ago I saw a clip on Tik Tok of a dude rappin in a gave me house party chillin vibes...but when I really listened to the lyrics I knew this dude was gunna be a household name....2 years later I realize that dude I saw was LaRussel! Everything comes full circle when you just keep workin and leveling stoked to have a bay area raised artist on the show...cant wait for you guys to see this one!!!

Thank you for watching LaRussell Talks Aliens, Indie Artist & Going Viral | Hosted by Dope as Yola & Marty

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