I Saved Someone's Life : STORY TIME

I NEVER thought I d save someones life, let alone save them in a grow room ahahaha.


So this first story takes place in Merced in 2012 I think....just a typical trim party turned deadly...or at least really close to it! I dont want to get too into it yet.... just peep the video ahahahhaa.

The second story takes place in Merced also at my grandmas house.... I was about 5 and what happened straight scared me to death...Ive never seen anything like that since!

Guys this episode I wanted to do because my homie brought it up the other day and I cant believe I havent told this yet....get ready for, I Saved Someone's Life : STORY TIME !!!

Thank you to https://www.instagram.com/nikitakochergin for filming

Thank you to https://instagram.com/drastic_graphics for editing