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How I Made Money As A Kid : STORY TIME


From workin at 4 years old tryna buy candy, to getting harassed by my boss at 15...this is STORY TIME!!! for all gear


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So if you watch the adventures channel you have heard a few things in this story.....but I feel like I should of kept STORY TIME on this channel only. I didnt waste stories on the other channel but I feel like they could of been better on this channel....I can say whatever I want here.

So my first job was working for my dad n grandpa buidling a fence...round 3 acres ahahaahahahha. I knew it was gunna be hard...but as a 4 year old I just wanted to make money.

My second job was with my grandma....she was truly awesome!!! She was at home mostly and I hung out with her all day everyday. Cleaning the house for her didnt feel like a job...I just knew she needed help with it and I could do it. I was only 5 but like I said...I wanted to be able to buy candy n whatnot.

She had me hooked with those dimes n nickels ahahahahhahaa.

The rest you will have to watch :)

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