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House Tour


This still doesnt seem real to life has officially became GTA!!!

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THANK YOU to everyone thats every supported my content, bought a shirt, left a like or even said whats up at the store.....I LOVE YOU!!

I grew up on W 6th street in Merced, CA.....the ghetto but I loved it!

If I wasnt at my grandmas I was with my in apartments and sharing rooms is just how we grew up, its not bad but I knew we were poor. Never bugged me really, but when kids made fun of me for it...Im not gunna lie I felt it. Knowing I cant do school projects because we cant afford arts n crafts stuff was just a way of get used to knowing.

I already know most of you know the rest of the story so I wont bore you...but it finally happened guys. I still cant believe we live here, its not that I feel like i dont deserve it...its just really hard getting used to the fact that Im not struggling anymore. Im happy about it...Im just still getting used to it.

THANK YOU SO MUCH ..... I would of been broke making content stoked as can be for the rest of my life.....but Rosie doesnt deserve to struggle her whole life just because Im passionate about making content. So thank you for making Rosies life amazing, truly all I ever cared about, as long as shes happy so am I.

Ok, lets get into this video....its mind blowing to me still.....thank you!!!!

Thank you for watching House Tour w/ Yola

#DopeasYola #HouseTour #Youtuber

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