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Hotboxing a Mercedes AMG + STORY TIME

I cant believe we got this car...Im still trippin ahahahhahaha

(intended for the 18 & over)

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Since I was 19 years old I've wanted a Mercedes Benz...well it finally happened. Rosie and I just bought a 2020 C63 AMG and I LOVE IT!!! Thank you all for making it possible, seriously couldn't do any of it without your support! We went to the Mercedes of Temecula and vlogged the entire this link to watch

I wanted to hotbox it for the first time with you guys ....and we might as well do a STORY TIME about all of the cars I've had.....I had hella fun filming this one.

Thank you guys seriously for the constant support...this recent PUSH TREES collection we dropped did AMAZING thank you all!!!

Thank you so much for watching Hotboxing a Mercedes AMG + STORY TIME

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Be sure to checkout

Thank you so much to​ filming this for me!

Thanks so much to Drastic Graphics for editing this

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