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"Higher Than Usual"

We got a new set, new gear, new guests, but the same vibes.....welcome to season 2!!!



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Lets get straight into this new season, Marty and I couldnt be happier with how the new set came out...still working on spotlights and some upgrades but the look of it is exactly what we wanted!

I want to say thank you all so much for watching and supporting us so heavy through season 1...Marty and I have never put a full show together like this let alone film, sound, bts, editing, posting, booking, ad booking, guest booking and social media. Marty really put in so much work on the back end, without that we wouldnt look so professional ...shoutout to Marty!

This episode is much more of a format, I wanted to tighten up the episodes , I know you guys love rant cirty but I just wanted to practice with letting it flow more while being structured...still learning but Im getting there.

Thank you all for watching S2 : E1 | Hosted By Dope As Yola


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