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Getting the 2023 V12 Maybach!!!


The first 2023 in America .....the 18 year old version of me is sheddiin a tear right now!!!! for all gear


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My first car I bought at 14 illegally is the link to watch that STORY TIME

Since then Ive always imagined getting a "cool" car. I drove my first car until it broke down when I was 20.

Then in 2008 Impala that I delivered pizza in...then I got a hit and run on me and it was totaled......then thats how I got the Monte Carlo!

Then in 2016 we moved to LA, we saved up and bought the Honda Civic.

That car got us through the first 5 years living here and it worked out perfect.

In 2020 I finally did it...I got the Mercedes!! The 2020 C63 AMG.....that car still is so dope!!! I LOVED IT!!

Then 2021 we got my mom her AMG & Rosie her AMG GLE...truly the highlights of my life being able to get them their dream cars. THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING THAT POSSIBLE!!!!!!!

Now in 2023 its finally happened...I got the ultimate Mercedes.....the 2023 V12 S680 Maybach.....straight ridiculous!!!

I still cant believe its in my garage....doesnt seem real. I feel like Im gunna wake up and Im late for work at the pizza this has all been a dream.

If you grew up poor you may relate to this...when you were a kid and you KNEW you were the poor kid...what did you think or wish about?

I wished I didnt have to worry, thats it. Every time we grocery shopped I would add up the bill in my head and secretly try to put stuff back so my mom wouldnt be embarrassed when the total was too much. When I wanted something I just acted like I hated that stuff so she wouldnt feel bad about whole life Ive been pretending when it came to this stuff. So to see this thumbnail and know I did it without stepping on anyone....Im finally proud of it. I didnt do it selling packs ...I did it by being me....which is the coolest thing I could ever hope for...thank you all so much!!!

Thank you for watching Getting the 2023 V12 Maybach!!!!

#DopeAsYola #Maybach #v12

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