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Free Game


This episode is all about FREE matter what business you are in we hope this helps!!!

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Thomas' Take...

Marty and I are finally at a point in our lives where we can sit back and evaluate our own business models....we both have been goin so hard for the past decade that we never really structured our lives...its always been go go go. First in this episode I wanted to give you 10 years of messing up, and some wins in this clothing business. Then I breakdown the inner working of being a content creator......I hope this insight helps someone out there.

Also in this episode we talk about Marty is finally diving into his own strengths and building his Youtube channel....I already know its going to be awesome!!! For me....Im finally stepping back and figuring out what parts of my business I can delegate....things are moving so much faster I love it!!

Thank you for watching Free Game | Hosted by Dope as Yola & Marty

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