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Dope As Yola Reacts To The Internet #2

Sometimes the internet is just too wild hahahaha, so much dumb stuff!!!

(intended for the 18 & older)

The last video on Reaction Time was my first installment , honestly I had way more fun than I thought I would. You guys know me well, I LOVE compilations , random funny stuff. So when I realized there is a whole world of reaction videos I wanted to give it a try. Since the first episode I did Ive gotten a lot of fans asking for part 2.....its finally here guys!

If you cant watch injuries please be aware that this episode has it in me it was hard to watch!

This series id really fun to do , smoke weed and watch random videos....sign me up booiiiii.

Thank you guys so much for always supporting my channel .... I really appreciate it!!

Thanks for watching Dope As Yola Reacts To The Internet #2

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