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"Dodging Death" W/ OGEE

From East LA tales to creepy trips to the South.....This is the Season 1 Finale with OGEE!!!



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I want to start by saying thank you all for watching the show, we both cant believe how fast season 1 felt....but we are now 36 episode deep!!! I couldnt tell you how many nights I went to sleep this year just thinking about the next episode, I truly love doing it and its still surreal that its our job!

Since episode 1 you all have been supporting, jumping in live chats and premieres...THANK YOU!!!!!

In this episode we bring back of one of my best friends OGEE KUSH 76 ..... jabroni ahahah

We start off by talking about our recent extremely drunk Monday night football trip .....this dude is wild ahahahaha. This one is all over the place, we touch on random stories and also one that we couldnt talk about but I wish we could 😢.

From Marty and I we want to say thank you for everything, thank you for supporting, thank you for hanging out with us every Monday, thank you for being our friends......HAVE A DOPE ASS DAY

- Season 1 ....end

Thank you for watching S1 E36 w/ OGEE | Hosted By Dope As Yola


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