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Chris Udalla's First Interview


LOVE seein people have fun & make a career out of doing what they love !!!!




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You may have seen Chris from his MANY viral Tik Tok videos or Twitch streams....

Hes truly pavin a way for himself in this online space...Its not often I get to talk to people in the same space so this one is special to me. If YOU want to be a content creator then GO FOR IT.

Who knows where Chris would be if he didnt start his accounts....who knows where i would be if I didnt just try. Please take this as a sign to start that page, make that video....YOU GOT THIS

From being a D1 athlete to creating viral videos....Chris's story is truly epic....THIS IS THE DOPE AS USUAL PODCAST!!!!

Thank you for watching Chris Udalla's First Interview | Hosted by Dope as Yola

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