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Baked #2: A Week w/ Dope as Yola


From tree shopping, to moving, to coppin some art...this episode is all over the place!!!

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THANK YOU to anyone thats ever pressed LIKE, watched a video, bought a shirt or even said whats up...I APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU!!! None of this is possible without your support, so before we start, thank you all!!!

This video started out as me just filming incase something fun happened...then it turned into a week in my life ahahahaaha. We finally moved into a house and thats where this video starts off...last smoke session in the Penthouse......then we head over to chill with Luke, Raw OG, Erick & Goblin.....what a random trip downtown but fun and epic as it gets!!!!

The rest of the video you will have to watch n find out :)

Thank you for watching Baked #2 : A Week w/ Dope As Yola

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