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A Trip To The Syndicate

This video shows the inner working of a business, be your own boss.

(intended for the 18 & over)

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This video is only meant to motivate you to do something you love, something you can see yourself being happy doing. Just because you have a 9-5 job doesn't mean you ALWAYS have to have it. I stopped working for someone else 8 years ago and I haven't been happier, I've also slept less than I have in my entire life but its worth it !!!

The first 5-6 years of PUSH TREES we only made enough money to pay rent, sometimes not enough to buy more clothes to we have had some rough patches. Just because you don't get rich right away DOESN'T mean it wont work. Even in the worst times you have to keep going, get another job if needed, just make it work!!!

I showed you my warehouse, but I wanted to show you a huge highly functioning warehouse. V Syndicate is killing it....just because you aren't aware of them doesn't mean they aren't doing amazing. You don't know the company that makes pepsi cans....but I promise you they are crushing it too.

Please use this as motivation to get up and try something risky...go into business, start that online store, whatever you have in mind...DO IT !!!

Thank you so much for watching A Trip To The Syndicate

Thank you so much to​ filming this for me!

Thanks so much to Drastic Graphics for editing this

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