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2 Grams Of Pods In 1 Sitting

From riding swans to riding in Teslas....this video is ridiculous !!! Make sure to checkout DopeAsYola. com for all videos and info. Huge thank you to Airgraft Official for letting us do this ridiculous video ahahaha. So guys this is the 3rd annual Duct Tape Challenge ....and I promise it doesnt get any easier....20 mins in I always kinda regret it ahahahah! In this episode I wanted to take it back to where it all we hit Echo Park in DTLA...prolly one of the dopest looking places to film, straight GTA.....then we headed over to Studio Motors ..... and the rest you will have to wait n watch :) Thank you all for watching 2 Grams Of Pods In 1 Sitting Thank you to for filming Thank you to for editing Be sure to follow my other social media accounts for daily pictures , videos and giveaways. Instagram : @Yola__Youtube__ I keep getting my IG deleted so always click the IG link in my youtube header for my most recent Instagram account (lame but i cant stop them deleting me)

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