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2 Gram Dab Challenge

I almost puked while making this video ahahahah.... the Freeze Pipe saved the day though

(Intended for the 18 & over)

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So guys ...this started out as just a simple rig review video. Then it turned into a dab challenge....then turned into dabbing allllll of it......guys I legit almost threw up. If I was dabbing off a regular rig I wouldn't of made it....the cold hits made it doable. I don't advise anyone doing this unless they have NOTHING to do after....after filming I went to my first Dodgers game. I almost didn't make it into the game....I was still so high and felt kinda nauseous..... if you do a dab challenge please make sure to eat because I didn't....the was almost my downfall ahahahah!!!

Thank you so much to Freeze Pipe, the new dab rig is awesome.

Thanks you so much for watching 2 Gram Dab Challenge

Thank you to for filming

Thank you to for editing

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