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1 Million Subscriber Celebration!!!

Countless pounds, buckets of hash and here we are, 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!!!

(Intended for the 18 & over)

First off THANK YOU for watching , you guys could watch anything in the world and you guys are watching my high ass....THANK YOU!!!!

So let’s start guys, 1,000,000 subs, unreal for me to even think about, 1,000’s of hours of editing, countless pounds smoked, mass amount of edibles and pens ....and helllllllla fun!!!! Thank you to everyone that has watched and continued to support, it truly makes me smile !!!

So let’s start , segment 1 is a full quarter pound rolled into 1 joint .... remember though, this is just segment

1. So I went to the shop OGEE runs to pick out a Quarter Pound ....TO PICK OUT A job is so damn dope !!! So off to DTPG I went and I went wild as hell.

Segment 2 is 10 Grams of Hash Rosin from Hash House .... 10 GRAMS IN ONE SITTING!!!! So for obvious reasons I don’t show where I went to get the hash. I’ll always still buy black market hash , it’s where the fire is !!!

Segment 3 ....I don’t want to ruin it for you, so I won’t say anything about it, I can’t wait for you guys to watch !!!

Thank you all so damn much for watching , thanks for commenting , emailing , hopping in the live streams , thanks for everything !!!

1,000,000 subs guys , SOO WILD!!!!

Thanks for watching and HAVE A DOPE ASS DAY

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