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1 GRAM Dab Of Rosin

This was supposed to be a simple review ...then it got wild (Intended for the 18 & over)

I can link my own website due to community guidelines so check out

www.DopeAsYola .com & www.PushTrees .com

So guys I haven't really done any hash videos, no dabbin ... I just haven't felt like dabbin these past few months. The last 5-7 days Ive been dabbin like crazy though.... sop my lungs are back and ready for some HASH !!!!!

I stopped by the Stiiizy store to check these out , you guys know how I feel about hash from there legal shops ...its ALWAYS DRY!!!! I was hyped to see that this wasn't the case ... I mean this was dripping still!!! Shoutout to my homie Jay "Super Smacked" for coming by to kill these jars with me!!!

Thank you guys so much for watching 1 GRAM Dab Of Rosin

Thank you to​ for filming

Thank you to​ for editing

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