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1 Gram Dab

12:24 |   Challenge  |  06/12/2020

So let me say this first , Stiiizy DOES NOT condone these stunts....but I do so here we go :) I decided its time for another round of 1 gram dabs ....the last ones I did made me NOT want to do it ever again ahahahah...but somehow here I am. I dont encourage this tolerance is hella high so I can handle it , but the average smoker would prolly get the spins off it, the first one I did I got the spins so trust me. I wanted to try out the new Stiiizy grams, even though I only smoke hash, they have been putting out fire so I was curious....both of them were great, but I'm not gunna lie and say Ima smoke live resin all the time now because I wont...but I had to try it out for myself. Thank you guys for chillin with me and watching 1 Gram Dab

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