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Trying New Vapes : New Normal

11:53  |   Review  |  04/23/2020

This is Trying New Vapes : New Normal

I have never tried a vape brand like this....when I see them in the stores I typically pass them by.....because I know what I'm looking for....but not everyone that watches this channel is like I wanted to show New Normal....a brand that I feel is an easier segway into the weed world .....we want to embrace people into this community as smokers....not exclude them.

Calm , sleep, relax...these are things we all I truly believe this approach can ease people into the idea of smoking THC.....its becoming more accepted but many are still on the fence....this case be the push they need!

Thanks for watching Trying New Vapes : New Normal

Thank you so much to The New Normal......go check out their Instagram for more info and daily updates.

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