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Life Update : Talking with Thomas

16:28  |   Talking With Thomas  |  05/22/2020

This is Life Update I never sat down and talked to you guys...its always a story , vlog or review ...but I really wanted to sit and tell you guys how crazy life has been.....and its all THANKS TO YOU GUYS!!!!! I appreciate every little thing ....I grew up poor, picked on and a fat having people be nice to me is a big change...but a good one. This past year has been like a movie...its insane to see my life drastically change...Im tryin to buy my grandmas old house I grew up in ...I want to buy a house in LA ...these are the goals that have been motivating me....but over everything ...ILL NEVER DO SOMETHING JUST BECAUSE THERE IS MONEY....IF SOMETHING IS LAME I WONT EVER DO IT. Im truly thankful for the team I have right now.....we are about to makes movies....I CANT WAIT!!!

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