We are so stoked to have comedian Josh Wild as our first guest. We have done many High Lives with him and it’s always a good time. In this episode we dug up a few gems from Josh’s past , baby squirrels , and we may or may not have taken some mushroom capsules. Thank you all so much for tuning into another episode of the Dope As Usual Podcast .... I’m Dope As Yola , Have A Dope Ass Day

Everyone thinks skating is all Tony Hawk and 360 flips until you crack your head open.


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Welcome to Skateboarding : STORY TIME


I picked up a skateboard when I was about 5...I fell in love with it instantly ....then I got hurt ahhaahhah. Ive hurt myself sooo many times on my skateboard but it was still something I did everyday. As a kid getting hurt was just something to be expected honestly ...it never really mattered..... then I got older.


In this episode Ill take you on a little journey ...a fat kids mission to be a dope skater....failed forsure , but it was fun trying. Thank you guys so much for watching and supporting my channel ...we are super close to 1.1M , so dope , thank you guys !!!!


Thanks for watching Skateboarding : STORY TIME

We are here to talk about life, problems, accomplishments, drugs and everything in between...welcome to the Dope As Usual Podcast, The Dopest podcast in the world!!! (intended for the 18 & over)

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Its finally here guys...episode 1 !!! I've been thinking about this day for over a year...everyday !!! Thank you for taking the time to come watch our show, we truly appreciate it, couldn't be more stoked! This is the origins story...for all of my fans you already know some of this stuff...but this is for all of the new fans out there. Welcome to our little world we have built over the past 9 years, glad you stopped by.


This is such a long episode, but I was in the zone and just kept talking hahahahah...we WILL have guest on the show but for this first one I just wanted it to be solo...wanted to introduce myself for those that just tuned in. I was honestly a little nervous before filming this, I've never talked on camera non stop...I edit my videos and I messed my words up a lot in this one...but its ok...many more episode on the way.


Typing our name in Spotify and actually seeing it pop up is surreal...its finally happening, thanks for being a part of it guys!


This is episode 1 of the Dope As Usual Podcast...Have A Dope Ass Day


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Getting picked on is something 99% of us go through , and this is my advice on dealing with it....I hope it helps.

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This episode of Talking With Thomas is important to me because I know how crippling it can be. Getting hated on , bullied is something most of us have gone through , trust me I got picked on my whole life. How you deal with it is the most vital aspect. 

When it comes to social media ....its a whole new world on bullying....now even a coward can be a bully behind the screen. When we were younger you had to do it face to face , now everyone can be evil from anywhere....which brings up huge problem. People today are more worried about their public image ...and to younger people it truly means everything...its not a bad thing , its just human nature. The huge downside is these self esteem issues...people see someone with a great life and assume theirs sucks because they dont have the same thing. Comparing yourself to others is a recipe for disaster ...that something that needs to be pushed out of your brain. Are you happy with what you have? Then it shouldnt matter what someone else has. It seems easy but our society is truly obsessed over it....dont get caught up in that cycle. 

The other examples in the video Ill just let you watch and see for yourself :)

Thank you so much for watching Dealing with Hate : Talking With Thomas

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The last time I smoked these I had to take a break while filming ... too strong ahahahah

This is Supherbs IG link for the giveaway , don’t forget to enter for your chance to win 

If you have watched for a while you will remember the 2 Grams Of Supherb video from last year , I legit had to take a nap in the middle of filming ahahahahahahahah. So this time I decided to pace myself and make sure I got through the whole video, let’s get started. 

I wanted to smoke ALL of the new Supherb flavors and just have fun with it. We tried new lighting , new lenses and a new camera, this year we want to step it up on the production end, I’m super excited for what’s to come !!!

Thank you guys so much for watching Trying New Supherb Vapes 

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You are about to watch Growing Up : STORY TIME This is unreal to me...season 3 episode 1 of STORY TIME ...its come a long way !!! Thank you so much for supporting my channel and watching , truly makes my day!

Lets get into this first story...when I look at it from a few steps back its pretty tragic ... but I dont hold any grudges or anything. I just remember feeling defeated , even though I was only 6 I still remember everything so clearly. I still have the dent in my head to this day , ahahah Im not kidding


Story 2 takes place when I was in the 7th grade...first time I honestly thought I ruined my life. I dont want to get into the story too much , this was one of the scariest moments of my life up to that point.


Story 3 is a sensitive one , first time in this series I dont go into insane detail about , I dont want any backlash from certain people but I want to get this irritation off my chest. Episode 1 is officially here guys , thanks for watching and supporting!!!


This has been Growing Up : STORY TIME

The last video on Reaction Time was my first installment , honestly I had way more fun than I thought I would. You guys know me well, I LOVE compilations , random funny stuff. So when I realized there is a whole world of reaction videos I wanted to give it a try. Since the first episode I did Ive gotten a lot of fans asking for part 2.....its finally here guys!

If you cant watch injuries please be aware that this episode has it in there....trust me it was hard to watch! 

This series id really fun to do , smoke weed and watch random videos....sign me up booiiiii. 

Thank you guys so much for always supporting my channel .... I really appreciate it!!

Thanks for watching Dope As Yola Reacts To The Internet #2 

This is a full review on the new King Louie flavor from Stiiizy. This video was posted to my YouTube channel , it got 550k views in 2 days , our biggest numbers ever ..... then YouTube deleted our channel!!! 

When we got our channel reactivated this video was deleted , when I check our back end of YouTube it said I also had a strike against me, for this exact video. For some reason YouTube deleted my channel because of this video , I have no idea why it happened , but here it is on our website , no one can delete that 😂😂😂😂

Shoutout to Stiiizy for everything!