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Hanging Out With Dope As Yola

14:12  |   Vlog  |  05/12/2020

Ive always done POV videos ...but I thought ...what about a virtual hang out day....soo many people are lonely right now ...I hope this helps !!!
So a few months ago I had this idea , then a few weeks ago I realized this is the best time ever to do this video......this took 8 hours to film ....I didn't realize how complicated it was going to get but it was SOO DAMN DOPE to day!!!

Shoutout to my camera man Shabbir for getting high as hell in this video ahahaha.....such a trooper!!!

Thanks to DTPG for letting us film inside...also thank you to Stoner Dottie for helping us film this video!!!!

So this is 1 of many to come...I really love this concept....cant wait for the next one!!!

Thank you guys so much for watching Hanging Out With Dope As Yola

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