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$200 Joint + STORY TIME

16:49 |   Review  |  07/14/2020

Im sooo stoked Stiiizy finally has Rosin...Ill admit it...Im a weed snob Ive smoked soo much trash growing up that I wont allow myslef to smoke anything but fire now....makes sense right ? I just did a gram dab of Stiiizy so I decided to switch it up and roll the hash in a joint....Im late to this party...I LOVE IT !!! If Im going to roll a STORY TIME joint...I better tell a STROY TIME! So today is the story about how I started working with them until today....what a fun trip! I also want to thank you guys for the support with this Push Trees drop, IT WENT AMAZING. Shoutout to Stiiizy for coming through with the dope new products soon as I saw rosin I went and swooped stoked! Thank you so much for watching $200 Joint + STORY TIME

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