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2 GRAMS of Supherb Vapes in 1 Sitting

This is 2 GRAMS of Supherb Vapes in 1 Sitting + Q&A + STORY TIME I wanted to give you guys an LA vlog...but this Quarantine is stopping us :( SUUUUPER LAME ...so I decided to give you guys a Q&A + STORY TIME ....because we are all stuck at home and why not :)

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a Dope Ass Day!

Hi, everyone! My name is Dope As Yola, and I literally get high for a living! Come join me on a blurry adventure through my life and all the wild ass shit I do.


2019 influencer of the year

Garnering over 50 million views and 295 million watch-time-minutes on Youtube in 2019 are a few of the insane social stats that lead to the California Cannabis Awards crowing Dope As Yola 2019 "Influencer of the Year"!

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